Syracuse National 2015 Pt.3 – 133 Pics


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  5. Supuestamente deberíamos ver esa nave a ojo desnudo en marzo del 2011.Ya estamos a esa fecha y no pasa nada. Tengo buenos binoculares ergo, podría ver la “nave” muy claramente. ¿es esta otra mentira como aquella que decía que en septiembre del 2010 California se sumergiría debido a un cataclismo? o la nave tiene fallas mecánicas y va a llegar el 2012…

  6. The subway story was funny. lol People like that just make my day. Makes me realize that I am not the only weird person out there, it’s very refreshing.

  7. Srinivas, I like your approach and especially your response to high referrals and participation. That's exactly what I advocate from knowing one's analytics.Question for you: where does conversion come into the picture? You want that group of people you engage with, your “thousand true fans” to be buyers, not freeloaders, yes?

  8. Thanks Laurence – I looked at several different lists of alchemical symbols and couldn’t find anything matching.The photo could be helped with a 4:3 crop omitting that wall entirely. I was slavishly adhering to the 2:3 ratio of 35mm film frames – which is a bit silly, really.

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  11. « Aucun salarié ne dépense 10% de son revenu en frais professionnels (sinon, il passe en frais réels) ».S’il dépasse 10%, il passe aux frais réels (et encore, c’est tellement compliqué que beaucoup préfèrent perdre de l’argent plutôt que de calculer tout ça).S’il est à 10%, il ne peut passer aux frais réels.S’il est à moins de 10%… eh bien y en a pas beaucoup.« Les retraités, lorsqu’ils tombent malades, ne bénéficient pas d’indemnités journalières » !Le gag…

  12. What a beautiful story. It gave me goosebumps. Your Mom sounds like such a lovely person. Like mother, like daughter. I love your request and second the motion. We all need to hear what we did right. My mother’s dementia has taught me so much about being in the now and about how love can reach through the fog. This weekend, I’ll also tell her about all the thing she’s done right. It doesn’t matter if she remembers. What matters is that she knows she is loved.

  13. this is so pretty Mynnette!!!! I love the springy feel to this!I have been so busy starting my own business lately and being on 2 DTs that I havent' had much time to play at 52 Christmas Card Throw down! I'll be back, just as soon as all the necessities are done on my new travel agency!!! I miss you guys!